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Douglas P.

The CX3 fits what I need!

I was very impressed with the test drive of the CX3. The Sales Associate drove first and took the test vehicle off pavement near the dealership to demonstrate the handling when facing rough gravel or pot holes. He also demonstrated hard braking on a rough gravel surface. I was impressed with the smoothness and stability of the CX3's handling. (I have driven a lot of vehicles on rough gravel conditions and the CX3's handling and stability was superior to most other vehicles.) I learned quite a bit about the CX3 during a rather unique test drive. I had narrowed my choice down to two vehicles, a CX3 or a Subaru Crosstrek at the time I took the CX3 test drive. The CX3 fits what I need for a fuel efficient commuter between Calgary and Airdrie that will capably handle adverse conditions when needed.
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