At North Hill Mazda we are all about keeping you safe on the roads.

It’s December, and here in Calgary, that means one thing: SNOW. Those dreaded four letters can make for some treacherous driving conditions in the winter. Plus, starting the car, warming it up, and defrosting that windshield can add several minutes on to your morning commute.

Lucky for you, we have a winter driving hack that will save you those precious minutes and keep you safe during the winter driving months.

Our special formula is safe to keep in your car even on the coldest of days. Check out our video below! Here you will find a step by step guide on how to defrost your windshield within seconds, yes, we said SECONDS! This is not a hoax, we promise. This trick is tried, tested, and true. Happy driving!

STEP 1: Purchase a spray bottle. Any spray bottle will do.

STEP 2: Fill with 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol.

STEP 3: Spray windshield, turn on wipers and watch the frost melt away.

STEP 4: Store filled bottle in the car- no it won’t freeze!

We hope that there won’t be too many frosty mornings, but living in YYC, you can never be too sure, so we hope this hack saves you time and keeps you safe!